Chin/Cheek Augmentation

Chin and cheek augmentation are designed to enhance the contours of the facial features. To accomplish this, the facial plastic surgeon may use artificial implants or the patient’s own bones or fat. Chin augmentation is suited to individuals that want a stronger and more prominent chin; cheek augmentation is appropriate for individuals that want sharply defined cheekbones. To learn more about chin or cheek augmentation, please contact Dr. Anshu Gupta of Verve Plastic Surgery.

Chin Augmentation Candidates

Candidates for chin augmentation typically have a weak or receding chin. The procedure will elongate or enhance the chin so it balances out the rest of the face, including the nose.

Chin Augmentation Procedural Details

Chin augmentation can be performed one of two ways. The first option is to build up the chin using an artificial implant. An incision will be made either inside the mouth or underneath the chin. A small pocket will be created in front of the chin bone, and the implant will be placed inside. The second option is to move/reshape the patient’s own chin bones to create better definition in the chin. The incision will be made inside the mouth along the lower gum. Through the incision, the jawbone will be cut, moved forward and wired or screwed into place.

Recovering from Chin Augmentation

Post-operative discomfort, swelling and soreness are normal, and will quickly subside. Patients should stick to a diet of liquids or soft foods-only for a day or two after surgery, and get plenty of rest while avoiding strenuous activities. The doctor will schedule several follow-up visits to check the healing progress, remove sutures and advise you as to when you can return to work, exercise and other normal activities.

Cheek Augmentation Candidates

Candidates for cheek augmentation may have flat, saggy or sunken-in cheeks. This may be a genetic feature or the result of aging. Cheek augmentation will restore volume to the midface and create youthful-looking fullness.

Cheek Augmentation Procedural Details

Cheek augmentation can be performed one of several ways. For example, the doctor can use the patient’s own fat, from another area of the body, and inject it into the cheeks to add shape. This approach has the added benefit of reducing excess fat in the donor area of the body (e.g., hips, buttocks). Alternatively, the cheeks can be enhanced with silicone implants. Yet another option is to use dermal filler products to restore lost volume or provide more definition to the cheeks.

Recovering from Cheek Augmentation

Cheek augmentation recovery varies, depending on the treatment method used. Treatment with dermal fillers does not require an extensive recovery; patients are usually able to return to their normal lifestyle almost immediately. On the other hand, the placement of an artificial implant or fat transfer will require a short recovery period, involving bruising, swelling and mild discomfort. The doctor will provide more details based on the treatment method used.

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