Giving Me My Life Back

Thank you Dr. Anshu Gupta for being an exceptional surgeon!

Living with an 8 inch vertical scar on my abdomen was horrible. It was a constant reminder of the cancer I had and it looked like, what I call, a front butt. I had a long scar in the middle and the sides of my belly were just filling up with fat. When I got a divorce I wouldn’t date because I was so embarrassed. My abdomen looked hideous. I wore loose clothing, and I never wore a bikini. I could never imagine myself standing naked in front of a man ever again.

After 10 years of being single and my kids hounding me to start dating, I decided to look into getting a tummy tuck and breast lift. My desire was to get rid of the scar so I could to look at myself naked and I didn’t want to lose any sensation from my breasts. I interviewed many surgeons and none of them could give me the results that I wanted. Because it was a challenging surgery, they all said I would still have at least a four inch scar and I would lose sensation from my breasts.

Then my cousin found you. You were so understanding, patient and informative. You were willing to take on the challenge with confidence that you could get rid of most of my scar. You couldn’t guarantee I wouldn’t lose sensation in my breasts, but you had a history of success in prior surgeries, so I was hopeful.

The results were better than expected. I couldn’t be happier. I have AMAZING abs now. My vertical scar is less than a half inch long and is below my bikini line. That is right, my bikini line. I can now wear a bikini and I have full sensation on my beautiful full natural looking breasts. My confidence level shot through the roof and I feel super sexy. Everyone who has seen me has been SHOCKED on how great I look.

Since my surgery you have done two of my cousins and my sister-in-law. We are all extremely satisfied. We still have family members that want to get work done by you as soon as they are done having kids. Sadly one of my cousins went to someone else because she lived to far away to get it done by you and hers looks terrible. That just goes to show you that you are a great doctor with amazing skills. We were lucky to find you.

Thank you Dr. Gupta for giving me my life back.

A New Love for Life

My journey with Dr. Gupta started in July 2013 after losing almost 200 lb. through diet and exercise. I was inspired by a lot of the weight loss shows on TV. As I worked with my personal trainer, I found myself constantly complaining about my extra skin flopping up and down. If I was to have my excess skin removed, it would have to be done during the summer as I am a teacher.
I made an appointment with my PCP the week school was out and he referred me to Dr. Gupta. I was so scared. At my first appointment, Annette greeted me with so much kindness I was put at ease. Dr. Gupta came in for the consultation. Part of my brain was hoping he would tell me I wasn’t a good candidate, that I should lose another 20 lbs, but I was wrong. He said he could help me, told me what he would do and that afternoon I made the decision to have surgery.

Everything went so quickly from there. Pre-op tests were scheduled, payment was made and my surgery was scheduled. I remember asking Dr. Gupta if he would please wear his blue scrubs for my surgery and not the black ones. It sounds silly but when I saw him on the day of surgery, he had remembered and I was so happy, he cared about my wishes.

As my weeks of recovery went on, I felt like I truly had the most incredible relationships with both Dr. Gupta and Annette. Any time I had a question, they were there. If it couldn’t be handled over the phone, Annette invited me to the office to see the doctor or her. After 3 months of recovery on my tummy, I decided to have a breast lift/augmentation. Dr Gupta had said when I saw the results of my first surgery, I would want to do my breasts which were totally deflated. He was right!

I’m so happy that I have had these surgeries. I have so much more confidence. My workouts are so much more fun now. Last summer I wore a two piece bikini for the first time in 40 years. I guess I should say I’m a 60 year old grandma with a new love for life. Thank you Dr. Gupta and Annette for making me feel beautiful. I love you guys!

Verve and Me

Diagnosed with breast cancer, I was forced into reality that existed between “torture chambers” (offering life-saving but scary and rather surgical procedures) and “chemo chambers” (wherein I would get injections of chemotherapy cocktails accompanied by “not- so-happy- hours”). Reality, which, regardless of how hard I tried to oppose it, eventually broke my spirit, killed my confidence and stripped me of my femininity. When I came to Dr. Gupta, I was a shadow of a woman, my soul was dead and I did not much care about breast reconstruction, which I perceived as yet another torture-like event.

This was before Dr. Gupta opened the door and invited me into his Wonderland. Always smiling, attentive and ready to answer all questions, he walked me through the process of breast reconstruction explaining all real and surreal (oh yes!) aspects of this medically fascinating procedure. Seeing changes that were happening to my body, as he proceeded with each and every procedure, I was amazed, and for the very first time in a long time, intrigued. When I woke up after second surgery with new breasts in place, I was overwhelmed with joy. I could not believe my own eyes. And yes, after 10 months, I finally started looking at myself again. In fact, I could not stop, because what I saw exceeded my expectations. And just to be clear, Dr. Gupta mentioned previously that he does take pride in his work. What he failed to say however, was that he is, in fact, a reconstructive genius! His modesty was touching. His kindness and great sense of humor were effortless and contagious. Together with his assistant, they were able to create an environment in which I felt safe and well taken care of. And yes… we shared a good laugh too, as if cancer was not my reality at all.

Now, one would think that this was it, as mission was completed. Well, not quite so. The transformation that I went through had one more dimension and resulted in a complete soul reconstruction. I got my spirit, my confidence, my inner power back. I became whole again. An option, that never even crossed my mind, and yet, once it happened, it empowered me and made me feel healed. Such was my transformation from a shadow of a woman into a woman of confidence and inner strength. I became a butterfly again. Made by Dr. Gupta.

He is a great doctor, soul whisperer, a healer, Genie in the bottle. I could not have wished for a better doctor for myself.

Thank you, Doctor. You are a blessing.

You Repaired Me With Your Dedication and Compassion

Dr. Gupta, Tina & Ashley, I’ve known you for about 2 years now and you’ve taken me under your wing and you repaired me with you dedication and compassion. Steady hands God has given you all, especially you Dr. Gupta. I have grown and healed along the way to recovery and I’m me once again. I want to give you, as well as say, “Thank-You” from the bottom of my heart, we won’t forget you Dr. Gupta, you’ve left a great impression on us or everything that you’ve done, we love you!! You too Tina and Ashley <3




You Are a Great Surgeon

Dr. Gupta, I just wanted to let you know how much I really appreciate all your help and work. You knew beforehand my scarring wasn’t easy but who knew the rest of my skin would be such a challenge? The positive side is that now you will be more experienced in really bad allergic reactions. I think you are a great surgeon and an absolutely wonderful person. I look forward to referring both my clients and friends to you in the future.

You Are Special

In life, there are many paths you can take and many people who share the journey. But it’s the special people who help you along the way and it’s the most important people who care enough to give of themselves unconditionally … Thank you… JD

Thank You for All the Care and Support

Dear Dr. Gupta, Its wonderful knowing people as kind and considerate as you are. Thank you for all you have done. You are such a blessing!!! Thank you so much for all the care and support you have given us. We really appreciate it a lot. … A&F


Thank You, Doctor, for Being the Best Doctor

Dear Doctor Gupta, Life and challenges. These are the two companions that, when together, almost always come as a surprise and send us for journeys which change the meaning of things. My journey begun in January of 2013 and had this life threatening taste that throws you out of your comfort zone in an instant. I was lucky however, because on this journey, I met people who helped me change that taste. And so I traveled, through different lands, but my favorite one by far was your Wonderland, Doctor. It may be the Aladdin’s lamp that you keep in your reception area, or the surreal character of all procedures, but the dreamy magic worked for me! Not only did I get my breasts back (with the cherries on the top!) but first and foremost I got my spirit back, Something, other doctors, have been unable to bring back to life. You did it, effortlessly, like a true healer should do. My gratitude is therefore forever… Thank you, Doctor. For being the best Doctor and the best friend … AS

You Are Wonderful

The secret to merry Christmas is wonderful people like you. Have all the happy your heart can hold. Thank you Doctor for everything … AS

For Your Magic

In ordinary life, we hardly realize that we receive a great deal more than we give, and that it is only with gratitude that life becomes rich. Thank you, Doctor, for your magic.

You Are Awesome!!