Fat Transfer

A Natural Way to Add Facial Volume and Smooth Wrinkles –¬†Facelifts, artificial implants and synthetic filler products are commonly used to fight premature signs of aging and restore a youthful quality to the face. Dr. Anshu Gupta offers another treatment option to accomplish those goals: fat transfer. Fat transfer involves re-purposing your own fat to add volume and fill in lines/wrinkles on the face. It is generally well tolerated by patients and produces natural looking results.

A complex procedure such as fat transfer requires the expertise of a truly special surgeon, such as Dr. Gupta. Double board certified, Dr. Gupta stays up-to-date on the latest fat transfer techniques; he is constantly fine-tuning his skills and keeping his knowledge sharp. He also relies on top technology to help him operate safely and efficiently.

Am I a Candidate for Facial Fat Transfer?

Dr. Gupta meets with every facial fat transfer candidate to determine whether the procedure is a good fit. During consultation, he will examine the areas of the face that need rejuvenation, and he will look for areas of the body that have surplus fat to harvest.

You may be a candidate for facial fat transfer if you:

  • Have facial lines/wrinkles/creases
  • Scars or other depressions
  • Facial areas that look sunken-in
  • Age-related loss of volume

Keep in mind that you must have excess fat in another area of your body (e.g., abdomen, outer thighs) to use. If you do not have enough donor fat to harvest, Dr. Gupta can review other options with you, like treatment with dermal fillers or a surgical facial rejuvenation procedure.

More about the Procedure

Fat transfer is usually performed in our office using the Puregraft system. This technology enhances the efficiency and predictability of the entire process.

First, Dr. Gupta will harvest the excess fat from the donor area of the body. He will make several incisions and use liposuction techniques to remove the fat. (Note that the liposuction incisions are very small and concealed in hidden areas, so any scarring will be unnoticeable.) Dr. Gupta will purify and prepare the fat for re-injection. This includes removing the majority of blood and oil that are mixed into the fatty tissue. By nature of its design, the Puregraft system reduces the risk of contamination during this stage of the process.

Once the fat is ready for re-injection, Dr. Gupta will use thin needles to inject small amounts of fat into the areas of the face that need volume and fullness. This may include the lips, cheeks, hollows under the eyes or scars/other skin depressions or indentations. The fat can also be used to fill in lines, wrinkles and creases, including laugh lines, smile lines or crow’s feet. Since not all of the fat will develop its own blood supply to survive, Dr. Gupta may over-inject the treatment area to compensate.

Recovering from Facial Fat Transfer

After your facial fat transfer, the donor and treated areas will be sore, swollen and bruised. These side effects last temporarily and will improve with time. Any pain can be controlled with oral medication as prescribed by Dr. Gupta.

Most patients take one to two weeks off from work to recover. The most important recovery guideline is to rest your body and avoid any strenuous movement, including bending and lifting.

Dr. Gupta will follow up with you several times during your recovery to check your healing progress, let you know when you can return to work and exercise and answer any of your questions.

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