What is an abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty is an aesthetic procedure to tighten abdominal muscles and remove excessive abdominal skin and fat that won’t improve with diet and exercise. It is designed to improve the abdominal changes due to pregnancy, massive weight loss, genetics or aging.

What is a Diastasis Recti and why is it important?

Diastasis is the separation of the abdominal muscles (the Rectus muscles) that run straight down the abdomen to create the abdominal wall. These muscles often separate during pregnancy, which weakens your abdominal muscles, creates a bulge in the middle of the abdomen, and can even lead to an umbilical hernia. During your tummy tuck, Dr. Gupta will repair and tighten these muscles to restore core strength and achieve a tighter, flatter tummy.

What is the difference between a full tummy tuck and a mini tuck?

A full tummy tuck removes about 6-8″ of excess skin and fat above and below the belly button, repositions the belly button, and produces dramatic results. However, if there is only a small amount of excess skin and fat below the belly button, a mini tuck may be recommended. A mini tuck still tightens the muscles, but only removes 2-3″ of skin below the belly button, so a shorter incision is sufficient, but the results are less dramatic.

Can a tummy tuck be combined with other procedures?

Yes. It is a part of the Mommy Makeover procedure, which also incorporates liposuction and can be combined with breast surgery. Liposuction is often recommended to re-sculpt the abdomen to refine and enhance curves and emphasize your new silhouette. For men who desire a tummy tuck after massive weight loss, liposuction can sculpt you a new six-pack.

Will I need drains?

This is determined by Dr. Gupta on an as needed basis, if used, drains are needed for proper safe recovery. However, Dr. Gupta’s tummy tucks do not require drains to remove excess fluids during healing. He uses an advanced suturing technique called Progressive Tension Sutures, that eliminates the need for drains. This advanced technique successfully secures the closure, reduces the risk of complications, and reduces scar thickness. Because of this, recovery is faster and easier, patients heal better, and they can shower the day after surgery.

Will a tummy tuck help me lose weight?

This procedure is not for weight loss, and most people do not lose much weight. However, having an abdominoplasty can incentivize you to eat healthy, exercise and feel better about yourself. People who are close to their ideal weight generally see the best results.

What results can I expect from a tummy tuck?

Patients will lose inches, go down a size, and look better in their clothes. Dr. Gupta will improve your waistline by surgically closing the gap between loose, stretched abdominal muscles (called Diastasis Recti), to restore your internal corset.

What are the risks?

This procedure has the same risks of anesthesia, infection and bleeding as those of any major surgery. Dr. Gupta uses the most advanced suturing techniques, which reduces the risk of infection and bleeding, and produces better healing, and less discomfort.

An abdominoplasty can help you recapture your figure, gain a flatter tummy, and improve your posture. Tightening the abdominal muscles helps to support the spine for improved posture, and reduced back pain!

When you have a tummy tuck with Dr. Gupta at Verve Plastic Surgery in Solana Beach, CA, you will receive complete rejuvenation of your abdomen and waist, and the health benefits of repaired muscles.

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