What is SculpSure?

SculpSure is FDA cleared, non-invasive body contouring that reduces stubborn fatty deposits in the belly, love handles, muffin tops, back, thighs and under the chin. Men and women can get a sculpted six-pack, eliminate a spare tire, and chisel their physique.

SculpSure uses a laser to destroy stubborn fatty deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise without incisions. It is clinically proven to reduce 25% of the fat cells in the treated areas within just 25 minutes.

How does it work?

It has four applicators that can be customized to treat stubborn fatty deposits under the skin, and can easily accommodate all body contours. Intensely focused laser energy passes through the skin, and melts the targeted fat cells which are removed over about 3 months by the lymphatic system.

Who is a good candidate?

A good candidate is a patient who is relatively fit and in good health, and is frustrated that no matter how hard they try, diet and exercise fail to improve their stubborn fat.  They are tired of looking sloppy and out of shape.

Does treatment hurt?

The applicators have a built-in cooling system to keep the patient comfortable, while the laser cycles on and off heating the fat cells. There may be a sensation of warmth and/ or tingling which is usually well-tolerated. Treatment is fast and easy.

Is it safe for all skin colors?

Yes, it is safe for all skin colors because it doesn’t affect the skin.

What about results?

Results are dependent on the technique used and the operator’s experience so you want a plastic surgeon like Dr. Gupta who specializes in body contouring.

What are the risks and side effects?

SculpSure is noninvasive, and because it penetrates through the skin, the skin is not affected. There is no risk of skin damage. There is no risk of uneven results, but occasionally some patients develop nodules as the fat melts, but these typically resolve with time.

There are no known major risks, but some people may experience mild to moderate soreness for a few days after treatment. Other minor side effects like swelling, tingling, redness and tenderness typically resolve within a few hours of treatment.

What is the downtime?

There is zero downtime. You can go right back to work, and exercise immediately after the procedure.

How fast does it deliver results?

The effects can be seen as early as six weeks after treatment, and final results will be visible by 12 weeks.

Are the results permanent?

Yes, if you maintain a healthy weight.

How many treatments will I need?

We recommend 2-3 treatments depending on the patient’s goal and amount of fat present. We want to ensure that you see the results you desire. It is clinically proven to reduce the amount of fat cells in the treated areas by 25% with just a 25 minutes treatment. Most patients get the best results with a series of treatments. During your consultation, Dr. Gupta will discuss this with you.

Does it tighten the skin?

It is not a skin tightening procedure. However, it is a laser and laser heat is known to be associated with skin tightening. Some patients report that treatment provided some tightening. If you have excess skin, other skin tightening procedures may be combined with SculpSure when needed.

When you have trouble spots, jelly rolls, muffin tops and other areas of stubborn fat, contact Dr. Anshu Gupta in Solana Beach, CA, San Diego to discover how easy it can be to get a smooth, natural result with SculpSure.

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