Arm Lift

Safely Treating Laxity in the Upper Arms. Frustrated by flabby upper arms that jiggle uncontrollably? Arm lift surgery is a safe and highly effective option for adults with upper arm skin laxity. Dr. Anshu Gupta has been performing the procedure for years and is responsible for producing some incredible results. If you choose to pursue arm lift with Dr. Gupta, you could not be in safer hands.

Am I a Candidate for Arm Lift?

Arm lift candidates are encouraged to consult with Dr. Gupta on a one-on-one basis to determine whether the procedure is a good fit for their needs.

Generally arm lift candidates are individuals that:

  • Are in strong physical and psychological health
  • Do not have any complicating medical conditions
  • Do not smoke
  • Understand the particulars of the arm lift procedure, including possible risks
  • Have reasonable expectations of surgery
  • Have some degree of skin elasticity so the skin will hug the new arm contours

During your consultation, Dr. Gupta will examine your upper arms, noting the quality of your skin. He will ask about your health history, any previous surgeries and what your goals of surgery are. If he determines you are a suitable candidate for arm lift, he will begin drafting a surgical plan that outlines his approach.

Once you’ve scheduled your procedure, you will receive detailed instructions about how to prepare for the day of surgery and your recovery.

More about the Procedure

Arm lift is performed on an outpatient basis at a hospital or local surgery center. Anesthesia will be administered so you don’t feel anything during surgery.

Dr. Gupta will begin by making an incision on the inside of the upper arm or the back of the arm; depending on the degree of correction necessary, the incision may extend from the armpit to the elbow. Through the incision, Dr. Gupta will use liposuction techniques to remove excess fat. Excess glandular tissue will be directly excised and the remaining supportive tissue will be tightened and reshaped with internal sutures. Dr. Gupta will re-drape the arm skin over the new contour of the arm and stitch the incisions together with sutures. He may place a supportive garment that applies compression to the arm.

Arm Lift Recovery

It’s common for the arms to be bruised, sore and swollen after surgery. These side effects will subside with time. The most important guideline for recovery is to get plenty of rest and avoid straining yourself. Refrain from any bending, heavy lifting or vigorous movement. Putting too much pressure on the arms could cause an unwanted complication.

Dr. Gupta will meet with you several times to review your healing progress and let you know when to return to work, exercise and other normal activities.

You should see initial results almost immediately after surgery. As swelling and bruising subside, your results will continue to improve.

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